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How to recognize the use value of high-end gift boxes?

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How to recognize the use value of high-end gift boxes?

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From the perspective of the use process of packaging box, packaging is different from general consumer goods. It should meet the production, circulation, sales, consumption and waste disposal needs of the packaged products. This is an obvious social need.

How do you understand the value of high-end gift boxes? Due to packing containers made of materials processing, is a kind of material goods, or goods, on the basis of the principle of value theory of Marx's soil, the essential points of the packaging value should be the full value of the item, that the value of goods for people and society, it is relative to the value of art, the value of knowledge, moral value, human value, the value of law... Wait. Generally speaking, the value of goods (including the value of packaging) is reflected in meeting the needs of people and society, and is reflected in their "use". Therefore, in the classic works of marxism, the value of goods is often called the use value of goods. For it, Marx said, "the use of value to represent the natural relationship between things and people is, in fact, human. 1. Therefore, the use value of the package is the value reflected in its use and processing.

The use value of packaging is the materialized embodiment of the people and the society. With the development of man himself, the society itself and its needs, as well as the deepening of man's mastery of material skills, the use value of packaging will be metabolized and gradually developed.

The use value of the product includes two aspects: potential use value and actual use value. When we study the use value of packaging, we must examine both aspects. To be specific, in the study of packaging use value, two kinds of situations are often encountered. One is that when the packaging is not used, the relevant performance indicators of the packaging should be measured, which is usually manifested as the analysis and evaluation of design quality and production quality of hencoop packaging.

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 The other is the analysis and evaluation of the use value of gift box packaging when it is used. According to the basic meaning of packaging use value, that the hencoop study of the two different packaging use value the importance of the foot, the former to the design of packaging quality and production quality analysis and evaluation, while the packing design and production index and use the link, but the connection is always lagging behind using actual; All kinds of indicators are only indicators in design and production, which are different from the reflection of packaging attributes in actual use of packaging. Therefore, it can only be an investigation of the potential use value of packaging. In the latter case, the inspection of the actual use value of high-end gift boxes is the inspection of the actual use value of packaging. It is not hard to understand that the latter is more important than the former in studying the use value of packaging.

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