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The price of red wine depends on the packaging of red wine

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The price of red wine depends on the packaging of red wine

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Generally speaking, we divide wine into high - and medium-end wines. Those whose market price is more than 200 yuan should include high-quality wines. Under 200 yuan, most of them are mid - and low-end, mid - and low-end features, do not need aging, fruit flavor is obvious, not outstanding oak flavor. The price of wine is quite arbitrary, it is possible that the difference between 60 yuan and 160 yuan is not very big. You can compare the prices of the following wines: for example, the price of bordeaux's "chateau frente" is 66 yuan, and Chile's "cloud wine" is 45 yuan. They are both cost-effective products in their respective production areas. So the face of the 50 or 60 yuan wine, do not sneer, there may be your favorite products. However, there are two points to understand. Wines under 100 yuan will not be stored in oak barrels. They are fruity at the entrance and cannot be expected to have too much aftertaste. Let's get right to the nitty-gritty of what affects wine prices: cost. Wine must be well packed before it can reach us when it is brewed.

1. Wine seal. Average RMB 0.95/ piece.

2. Bottle stopper. Cork, average RMB 5.6/ cork. Composite plug, average RMB 1.0/ piece; Screw cap, average RMB 2.4/ piece; Glass stopper, average RMB 5.6/ piece.

3. Wine label and bottle

Wine labels have a significant impact on the quality and image of wines, and some special packaging can raise costs. For example, mutong winery employs artists to design its wine label every year. The cost of printing a wine label is 5 yuan to the right. The paper of each wine producing area is different and has its own characteristics. The price of ordinary glass bottles is around 5 yuan.

Production cost. Among many factors that influence the price of wine, the production cost is the decisive factor that affects the price of a wine

1. Land cost.

Vineyards with the potential to produce high-quality wine are much more expensive than normal vineyards. The smaller the estate, the less wine is produced, and the higher the cost per bottle.

2. Degree of mechanization.

Planting and picking by hand is costly. (the human cost in Europe is even higher.) Some grapes have to be picked at night, or in batches, greatly increasing costs. On the contrary, the land is flat and open, and can be used for mechanized operations, with much lower costs.

3. Grape price and yield

A ton of grapes can produce about 600 standard wines, and production is another important factor affecting prices.

4. Brewing cost

Purchase and maintain winemaking equipment, especially the use of oak barrels. A 225L French oak barrel is around 1000-6000 yuan, while an American oak barrel is slightly cheaper. Moreover, the use of oak barrels is not long, often need to be replaced. Chateau lafite, for example, is aged in new oak barrels for 18 to 20 months, making it expensive. Some wines take up a lot of space costs as they age. In addition, some grapes need to be sorted by hand before brewing, which will add more artificial Chen Ben.

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